Every living being has a right to grow old in peace and happiness...


The San Juan Islands are a unique place, our distance from the mainland has its advantages, and its challenges.  Over the years, many island residents have taken on animals that were in need of homes because their owners were moving off island, and moving the animals would be too stressful for them or too expensive for their owners.  There are also islanders who are no longer able to care for senior animals with special needs and expensive treatments.  Then there are the island animals that just aren’t adoptable for various reasons.  Rather than have them go from home to home, or live at the animal shelter for years, wouldn’t it be better for them to have a place they can live out their lives, so they never need move again?  Isn't that what you would want if you were them?  We would, and that's why we've formed Island Haven Animal Sanctuary - a safe place to call home...  forever...



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